Knowing your own direction

I have recently been thinking about the path I want to carve out for myself. Kind of a “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” thing.

Over the passed few months I have been following the DailyVee show, which is the first YouTube channel that I follow consistently. In these shows Gary Vaynerchuk is relentless in his message that people need to be more self-aware before understanding the path they need to follow.

Taking this advice on board I have started to look at the way in which I approach things and have come to the conclusion that I might not necessarily look at things the same way others do. I have even had the occasional “Oh my god, seriously?” comment thrown at me in disbelief and jest when I point out minor amendments that could be made to refine a product to make sure its right.

This isn’t a perfectionist thing, it’s more of a “giving a shit” thing. I don’t consider myself a perfectionist as I know the importance of having a minimal viable product ready for launch is just as important as the minutia of detail in the refinement stages.

I feel that the direction I am aiming for is where I can be in a position to give a shit about the product that is produced and presented not only to a client but also the user of that product. In todays design and tech world you would be surprised how common it is for this end goal to be missed off. Tight deadlines and demanding clients can be a shit situation and lead to a shit end product. It’s only when you take a step back and analyse what you are producing and not what you are “doing” can you start to understand whether the project and/or product is heading towards the shit heap.

So if asked now where I’d be in 5 years time I’d like to say I’ll be a “Head of Digital Product”, where a team working with me believes in the same ideals as me where functionality and form are considered at every step of the way and the term “giving a shit” no longer needs to be used and it is just the norm.

In being honest with yourself, and those around you, about where you really want to aim to be you can move forward and make progress towards achieving it. Tell your boss your aspirations in you next job review, tell your family and friend what you are working towards and the most important part of it all is work to achieve your goals. Hard work is the key to achieving what you dream to be.

If others around you don’t understand your drive fuck them. It’s about you and those naysayers are likely to be the ones who wish to be able to do what you are doing but have their own lack of understanding as to where they want to be.

If you have a few minutes I want you to watch the video below and see how pumped you get before you answer the question beneath.

So my question to you, do you know the direction you wish to take yourself?