Starting a blog

I have always wanted to start writing a blog that provides useful and informative content but I haven’t been able to direct my focus towards it. The content that I have been thinking about writing has never made it to the page.

I’ve tried to pinpoint why I’ve never been able to execute my idea properly and I have come to one conclusion. I believe that I lack the experience and knowledge of writing a blog for it to be effective, which effects my confidence to get started. But I have recently come to the conclusion that I need to start now and make the mistakes along the way while learning what makes a good blog.

I’m not the only one

By looking around at other blogs it has become clear that I am not the only one who has decided to take this approach.

If you look through the archives of many blogs to find the first post they usually start with the obligatory introductory piece. The piece that gets the writer started and helps boost their confidence to keep going. This post may not reflect what they are writing now but they made a start. They took the first step to achieve what they intended to do and thats better than nothing.

On starting this blog I have one niggling thought and that is who my target audience will be. I have a specific skill set in web development and web design, so this would be a good place to start, but I also have many other topics that I would like to cover.

Use feedback to improve

The important thing is to assess the situation over time on what people react to the most based on the topics you cover. If you write a post about effective web design that gets a lot of attention you can focus yourself towards that topic. You do however need to ensure that you evolve. Change with the times and don’t become stagnant. Use feedback to improve upon what you have already written and move forward.

So this is where it starts. My first step.