Case Study

Making an AI company standout from the crowd

Working with an AI company to realise their aim to stand out from the crowd with a new online presence.


As an emerging AI solutions provider, EBI.AI wanted to stand out from the rest of their competitors and have a web solution that was focused towards their audience.

The brief was simple, make AI feel more human. Working collaboratively across the team and with the client we outlined a new proposition for EBI.AI and provided them with the online presence they always wanted.


  • EBI.AI


  • Web

My Role

  • UI/Visual Design
  • Front End Development


Working with the client we outlined a number of key areas of focus throughout the website. As a start-up company conversion was a primary focus, but knowledge sharing and recruitment were both high secondary objectives.

Taking this into consideration we outlined journeys through the website to provide a route to other key points about what the client could offer.


  • Wireframes



Following approval of the outlined flow and structure that we presented to the client, I brought the visual representation of the website together.

The wider design team had been working towards providing a new identity, both branding and tone of voice, all of which now needed to be embedded into the design.


  • UI/Visuals
  • Animation/Motion


Animation / Motion