Case Study

Messaging management platform for GP practices

Helping NHS practices to manage their automated and campaign messages to patients.


Providing patients with reminders regarding their health care is a critical part of ensuring that the NHS runs smoothly.

NHS Rotherham CCG wanted a bespoke solution to help them and their staff to contact their patients at scale.

The deadline for this product was tight as the clients existing platform contract was due for renewal, so we had to validate the solution as pace.


  • Rotherham CCG


  • Web

My Role

  • Research
  • UX Design
  • UI/Visual Design


How might we provide practices with a new means to manage automated message responses and custom campaigns.


We set ourselves the task of understanding the needs of the practice administration staff by speaking with key stakeholders from a select number of GP practices.

This helped us to understand their frustrations with their existing platform, gain insight into their processes and outline a foundation for the product.


  • Stakeholder workshop


The workshop was held in a simple format. We discussed concerns that practices had to identify pain points with the existing solution, held discussions about possible uses cases and identify primary focuses for the first iteration of the product.

Initial needs

Ability to create, schedule and monitor custom campaigns that are sent out by practices.

Ability to monitor responses from daily appointment reminders, specifically abnormal responses.

Access to blacklist patients from messaging service who have requested to be removed.


Having gained a clear understanding of the needs of the users and stakeholders, we outlined the structure of the product through the use of user flow diagrams and wireframing.

This helped us to identify key areas of input, and allowed us to simplify processes already in place with the existing product to help reduce friction within the journey.


  • User Flows
  • Wireframes

User Flows

We assessed each of the needs of the practices and outlined a number of key use cases. These included tasks such as adding a new campaign, blacklisting patients, assessing abnormal responses and accessing campaign reports.

Target Messaging - Add patient to blacklist user flow.

Target Messaging - Add patient to blacklist user flow.


Target Messaging wireframes

Target Messaging wireframes


Having outlined and agreeing upon the overall flows and structure of the product we were able to move the project into the visualisation stage.


  • UI/Visuals
  • Prototype




We provided a product that alleviated the pain-points felt within the clients existing platform and provided a more efficient solution for GP practices to contact their patients.

The initial product uses cases were provided, refined and validated with users and key stakeholders. This provided the client with the confidence to launch swiftly across a large group of GP practices.


Next steps

With the product now in use across a large group of GP practices the roadmap for continued development includes:

  • Integrating the platform into the CCGs health care app to allow for messages to be sent as push-notifications.
  • Providing the facility to create multi-media messages to help enhance messaging.
  • Campaign templating system to allow for sharing of campaigns between GP practices.